JOYROOM JR-GH101 Portable Massage Gun

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- 5 different massage head, taking good care of every muscle group
- Featuring 4 gears of strength adjustment, meeting various massage needs
- With noise reduction technology, ultra-quiet operation
- AI smart chip technology, accurately process each output of the motor, maximize the massage experience and improve the motor life
- Suitable for recovery after sports fatigue, rehabilitation after a sports injury, pain relief during the convalescence period of surgery, as well as reducing inflammatory reaction


  • Product model: JR-GH101
    - Material: ABS+PC, zinc aluminum alloy, stainless steel + imported movement
    - Operation mode: single button operation, 4 modes
    - Motor speed: 1800-3000RPM
    - Noise level: 50dB
    - Thrust: 19kg
    - Working voltage/power (machine): 25V, 5-80W
    - Input voltage/current/frequency (adapter): 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.35A
    - Output voltage/current (adapter): 25V, 0.5A
    - Charging method: DC charging
    - Battery capacity: 1500mAh lithium battery (6 batteries)
    - Charging time: 3H
    - Use time: 3-6H (depending on gear selection)
    - Product size: 20*18*5cm