Tips for Buying a 2nd-hand Mobile Phone

As a brand dealing in second-hand mobile phones and accessories, we have encountered numerous customers who were deceived and eventually turned to us for assistance. Today, we would like to provide everyone with a summary of purchasing guidelines.

【Step 1: Carefully Observe the Appearance】

For non-professionals, when you receive the phone, first check if there are any missing parts on the body and observe if the appearance is intact. Be cautious of any signs of dismantling, and never accept such phones. You must check if the screws on the body have been tampered with, if the screen and back cover adhesive are overflowing, if there is dust in the camera and screen, if there are signs of the phone frame being pried open, and if there are any obvious gaps between the screen and body.

【Step 2: Understand the Basic Information】

Next, visit the official website of the brand to see if the information about the phone matches the seller's description. You must check the brand, model, capacity, memory, network standard, and system version, and it is best to record the IMEI and SN numbers. If you cannot find relevant information on the official website, then this phone is likely to be a counterfeit or its basic information has been modified through software. Once you discover such a situation, terminate the transaction decisively.

【Step 3: Repeatedly Test the Functions】

Each function corresponds to a hardware component, and you must test the buttons, biometric unlocking recognition, interfaces, sensors, wireless capabilities, vibration, sound, battery, SIM card, camera functions, etc. Make sure to test repeatedly to ensure that the phone can be used normally every time and to eliminate intermittent failures. For example, test the buttons five times, and they should all function correctly. Never be impatient!

In addition, no matter when, always choose a "platform" such as Mobie that meets the following criteria to buy a second-hand phone!
This way, if any issues arise, there will be a platform to assist us!
【🧩Choose a Platform】
1. Choose a platform that offers a seven-day no reason return or exchange policy.
2. Choose a platform that provides after-sales warranty.

We hope that mobile phone enthusiasts can distinguish between scams and genuine products, so that they can ultimately purchase their desired second-hand phones.